Christine's Best Caller Ever [Video]
"How do you know you're getting old?"
If you happened to catch today's (Tuesday, 3/8) show between 1-2 p.m. then you probably heard me pose that question.
So many things can make you start to feel old. Today's generation. Technology...
Hilarious Bad Lip Reading of Ted Cruz [Video]
The guys from Bad Lip Reading always deliver with their videos. They are most famously known for their NFL bad lip readings and recently, the presidential debates have been on the receiving end. Now it's Ted Cruz's turn!
Different videos from the presidential candidate's …
Grand Rapids Man Searching for Woman who Farted in Meijer
Sometimes we encounter people that capture our attention. We may see them again or we may not. But that's what Craigslist is for. The missed connections section can re-connect people and (hopefully) bring them in ever after bliss.
Hopefully we can try and connect these two...
Man Steals City Bus Because He Was "Late for Work"
You know that feeling when you're late for work. You're rushing, you're flustered... you hit every red light on the way... everything that can go wrong, does.
But, realistically, what can you do besides hope for the best and that your boss doesn't notice...
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Music Edition) [Video]
It's time for another batch of 'Mean Tweets' where Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities read the mean things people say about them on Twitter.
This is the third installment to the music edition where different music artists and bands are reading the really rude (and funny) tweets about th…
Kids Explain: "What is Love?" on Jimmy Kimmel Live [Video]
"What is love?"
Such a simple question yet can be so difficult to understand and go through. If you've ever been in love then you know firsthand that love can be tricky.
But have you ever wondered what love means to kids?
Jimmy Kimmel took that question to the streets and asked k…
Surprise News Kisses Shock Reporters [Video]
Hilarious series of news bloopers where people are attempting to do the news and random people keep sneaking up and kissing them.  Some people laugh it off, some people get angry and some people get really angry, but it's always funny.
OK, some of these reporters handle this well, and other…
Hilarious Attempt at Lip Reading
Hilarious new video from  the BLR youtube video team is second NFL bad lip reading video of 2016.  They watch NFL stars with the tv muted and attempt to figure out what they are saying solely by reading their lips.  The results are hilarious and usually nonsense...

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