Remember Pokemon Go? - Well, Get Ready For Minecraft Earth
A couple of years ago, the augmented reality game Pokemon Go took over Grand Rapids, and the world. Steve and I would sit in the producer booth and look at dozens of people staring at their phones walking seemingly aimlessly around GR. Then we tried it, and realized it was fun to play!
EA Sports Has Absolutely No Idea What Michigan Looks Like
Michigan always seems like it's getting the short end of the stick when it comes to intentionally inaccurate maps.  For some reason, when games or websites decide to use a map of the United States they tend to create their own and they are usually pretty bad representations of our nation..…
Best Games of 2014
We'll be here making sure you remember all the great games that arrived throughout 2014 with this continually updating list of the Best Games of 2014 (So Far).