Grandma Twerk Team [Video]
This is the greatest video ever to surface on the world of the nets. Grandma's who twerk, need I say more? I will be completely honest though, If I saw my grandma doing this, I'd probably die.
An Idiot Robbed His Grandma
Last week in Albuquerque, New Mexico a woman was attacked when a guy broke into her house wearing a purple bandanna covering his face. The woman put up a fight when the thief grabbed her, they were in a struggle when she pulled his bandanna down.
87 Years and 1 Trophy!
Football has gained much steam and popularity due to the recent outbreak of fantasy football leagues throughout the country. Man or woman, young or old, it doesn’t matter, almost anyone can play.
Grandma Pat, an 87 year old woman from a small town in Minnesota named Northfield, began …