I Tried Another Grandwich - This Time at Stella's Lounge
Only 2 days left until public voting closes for Grandwich 2016 and Stella's Lounge is one of the participating restaurants.
Last night, I tried their Grandwich entry "The Kinsey Lane." On the website the sandwich is described as:
Thinly sliced rosemary roasted rib eye steak with a parmesan …
My Thoughts on the Grandwich Sandwich at J. Gardella's
Grandwich 2016 has been underway for a couple of weeks and the public voting closes the 22nd so it's time to get out there and try as many sandwiches as you can if you haven't already!
Today, I tried the Grandwich at J. Gardella's Tavern in Downtown Grand Rapids...
My First Grandwich Sandwich
On Monday, the top 10 finalists were revealed for Grandwich 2015. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try my first one and OMG it was AMAZING!!! I mentioned that I wanted to try the Pulled Bacon Dutch Crunch from Bull's Head Tavern and that's exactly what I did when I got off work yesterda…
Grandwich Top 10
The top 10 finalists have been named in this year's Grandwich competition! According to the website these are the restaurants that people voted for:

Blue Dog Tavern
Bulls Head Tavern
CitySen Lounge in CityFlats Hotel
Grand Rapids Brewing Company
Peppinos Sports Grille
Raad's Mediterranean Grill
San C…
And The Grandwich Winner IS…
A LOT of people showed up to Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids on Friday, Aug. 1, to sample the Top 10 finalists in this year's Grandwich competition.
Everyone who made a $5 donation to Kids Food Basket could sample the sandwiches and vote for thePeople's Choice winner.
So... w…

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