Gun Lake Casino

Remembering Plank Road Farm
As a child, there were so many cool places to visit in the West Michigan area. We had Deer Park Funland in Muskegon (now Michigan's Adventure), Deer Forest in Coloma (now closed), and a place in Bradley called Plank Road Farm.
Adult Skip Day
Join Connie & Curtis for their first Adult Skip Day at Gun Lake Casino on Friday, January 22! Why should kids get all of the fun of playing hooky when adults could have a TON more fun?!?
Wayland Schools Benefit From Gun Lake Casino Profits
It's possible that profits from Gun Lake Casino may make it possible for more Wayland students to take part in athletics.
Some of the profits from casino slot machines will cover the "pay to participate" fees at Wayland middle and high schools.
Before it opened,  the casino agreed to share s…