holiday shopping

Best Return Policies in West Michigan
While the mall and stores are currently filled with holiday shoppers, pretty soon it will be the opposite.
The day after Christmas is the unofficial holiday of "Returning Day" (I just made that up). You get a gift you don't like so you head to the store to return it o…
People in G.R. Will Spend Over $700 on Holiday Gifts
Although the holiday season brings a lot of joy it also brings a lot of financial setbacks. According to the National Retail Federation spending is expected to be at an all time high this year. WalletHub reports
...the average per-person tab expected to reach $805...
Katy Perry x H&M
Back in August, Katy Perry, hinted that she would be coming out with a Christmas album. Earlier this month it was revealed that she is the new face of the clothing store, H&M's, holiday campaign (Happy & Merry). As part of the deal, she wrote a song exclusively for the campaign and it was pr…
Mall Parking Lot Rage [Video]
Warning! There may be some foul language in this video.
Have you ever argued with another shopper over a parking spot? Don't argue with this guy!
Internet Gold: Vol. 2
Hello again, seekers of 'Internet Gold'!  Since the holidays are right around the corner I thought that I would highlight some internet shopping.  I chose one website that would tailor to him and one that will tailor to her.