Angry Birds Rio Swarms Online App Stores
Get happy, Angry Birds fans: Rovio on Tuesday released the latest edition of the wildly addictive game, titled Angry Birds Rio. The new version is in connection with the upcoming animated movie 'Rio,' which hits theaters on April 15.
In this installment, the Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to Rio…
Two-Year-Old Learns Reading, Speech on iPad
There have been a number of strange tactics employed when it comes to teaching babies and toddlers all there is to know about numbers, shapes and letters. So when Utah dad Mike Wilson decided to purchase an iPad for his two-year-old son Bridger to assist with that very job, it was only a little stra…
New App “Cures” Homosexuality?
The people at Apple are under scrutiny today for approving an app that claims to "cure" homosexuality.
The app, called Exodus International, is targeted at ‘homosexual strugglers’ and teaches them that gay people have a choice about their sexuality.
‘Angry Birds’ Flocks To Facebook
The iPhone / iPad sensation 'Angry Birds' is going to bay making it's way on to facebook soon.  If you are unfamiliar with 'Angry Birds', you better get up to speed!  The game stands to hit your news feed sometime next month.  If you want more information on t…
iPad Cuts Into TV Time!
A recent study is finding that the iPad is so well rounded that many of us are opting to read more and watch our fav shows and flicks without ever sitting in front of our home  television screens!
Last week, Good Housekeeping tagged the iPad as their top gadget...
iPad Puts The ‘i’ In Favorite!
Gadgets are always super popular when they hit store shelves!  But which ones are the best, and why should I spend my money on 'em? 
Good Housekeeping releases its Top Ten list and the iPad topped their annual list!
Click here for the full list...
Christmas Apps for Kids
This holiday season you can find a slew of mobile applications geared to kids and Christmas.
Whether you’re looking for smart ways to entertain youngsters while you’re traveling, or could use some less expensive (yet fun) Christmas presents for children, you should che…