IRS Says To Expect Tax Refunds To Be Delayed If You File Early
Bad news if you’re one of the people who file your taxes as soon as you get your W-2, so you can get the refund in the middle of January; the IRS is saying some refunds won’t go out until at least February 15th.
Not helpful if you use that check to pay off Christmas presents; Fox17 talked with IRS Co…
Scam IRS Phone Calls Plaguing West Michigan Residents
It seems like every tax season we see another IRS scam or two pop up in the area, but things seem to be worse this year in West Michigan.
Several different police agencies have issued warnings about the calls this year, and the folks at FOX-17 decided to investigate...
Michigan State Police Warns Residents of IRS Scam
The Michigan State Police have issued a warning regarding a telephone scam using the IRS as a cover.
Police are saying that scammers have been using fake names and IRS badge numbers to intimidate victims into wiring money to pay off IRS debts. The scammers have threatened victims with audits, arrests…

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