Do You Live in Kent County? You Could Go to Italy for FREE!
Did I mention its for an entire month?!
You could spend a whole month in Perugia, Italy learning Italian for FREE. So what's the catch? No catch! This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is being offered to Kent County residents through a scholarship provided by the Grand Rapids Sister Cities In…
Human Hammerhead Breaks Guinness World Record
Boston man, John Ferraro, nailed a new world record in Italy.
Ferraro pounded 38 nails into a board with just his forehead in under two minutes. He also holds the one minute record at thirteen nails and has the world record for most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minu…
Firefighters Help Woman Break Out of Her Chastity Belt
Either this woman can't control herself or she has some crazy fetish.
Last week, a woman from Italy went into a fire station and asked fire crews for help in removing her chastity belt, says the Huffington Post. At first she told the firefighters that she needed help opening her padlock...