Kate Gosselin

Fans Shelling Out Big Bucks for Kate Gosselin Cruise
The last I'd heard about Kate Gosselin, since the cancelling of "Kate Plus 8", was that she'd gotten a job blogging about coupons. Looks like now she's got another gig: hosting a "celebrity cruise" on the high seas. Now, because I would actually pay not to be stuck on a boat with…
Kate Gosselin Has New Job Blogging About Coupons
Kate Gosselin probably knows a lot about clipping coupons, since she has all of those kids. Now she’s going to get paid for that knowledge.
The former ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ and ‘Kate Plus 8′ star has just landed a new gig blogging about the world of coupo…
Kate Gosselin Freaks Out Over A Piece Of Pizza [VIDEO]
The once loved Reality TV Mom, Kate Gosselin, is slowly spinning out of control.  Her show Kate + 8 aired it's final episode last night, but that isn't the story I found interesting.  Her 2nd to last show was the highlight for me, as Kate showed her true self in front o…
“Kate Plus 8″ Is Canceled
To the joy of many, including myself, the TLC show "Kate Plus 8" has been canceled due to low ratings.
The show, which was extremely popular in its earlier years, but has been struggling since the end of the Gosselin's marriage started to take a turn for the worse as well.