Is This Kid Really Drinking Beer At A Jets Game? [Video]
It seems to be pretty common for kids to get their first taste of alcohol from their dad sometime throughout their childhood. You might feel cool to be able to try it, taste it, hate it, make a terrible looking face, and then not do anything about it until you're older. However, this is something that is normally done in the privacy of your own home, not out in public at a football game.
he's got moves!
I have very little rhythm. Actually, I do not know if it's that, as much as I just do not like to dance. Even at the high school dances back when, to the weddings I've mixed at, it's just not in me to dance... in front of people.
The Child Tried To Make Quick Escape!
I'm about to be a father here pretty soon, and I have my worries. Normally, a fence would make me feel safe about my child playing in a yard... until now. A 3-year-old toddler managed to escape from his daycare by climbing a 7-foot spiked metal fence in Inverness, England...