Magic Men LIVE is Coming to Grand Rapids! [Video]
This sounds like a memorable girls night!
Magic Men LIVE, inspired from the Magic Mike movie, is on a tour across the country and they've got several stops in Michigan, including Grand Rapids.
The magic men will be at the Orbit Room on Thursday, November 17th and tickets are ON SALE as of th…
Things Men Shouldn't Wear Anymore After 40
Everyone has a different sense of fashion and everyone also goes through different stages of fashion in their lifetime. But do you think that people should stop dressing a certain way or not wear certain clothing items as they get older in age...
10 Gifts Men Actually Want for Valentine's Day
Have you gotten your man a Valentine's Day gift yet? Or maybe you want to hint something at your girlfriend or wife.
Reddit had a discussion as to what gifts men actually want for Valentine's Day so take note ladies because these are the top 10...
Why Men Are Hotter in Fall
Summer is out and Fall is in, and the colder weather is making guys more attractive?
Well not exactly, but there are some trends during this time of year that will make you want them even more!
Here are just some of the reasons men are hotter in the Fall:

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