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Watch Johnny Depp’s Weird, Drunken Speech at the Hollywood Film Awards
So this is why we don't see Johnny Depp on stage very often (ever?) at awards shows. Last night at the Hollywood Film Awards, Depp introduced the documentary ‘Supermensch,’ about legendary talent manager Shep Gordon, and immediately made it pretty clear that he was not sober-minded. “That's the weirdest microphone I've ever seen in my life,” he slurs—except, you know, it's just a regular microphone.
Wayne’s World Returns To SNL [VIDEO]
Put Dana Carvey or Mike Myers in a new movie and I'm not interested. This isn't 1992. In fact, it's become somewhat of a red flag that the movie may be a stinker if they are in it. Put them on Saturday Night Live TOGETHER playing their old characters, NOW I'm interested...