Car Dealer in MI Exposes Panhandler
A man who has been seen panhandling in front of a dealership in Brighton, MI was exposed for his tactics. Employees at the Brighton Honda dealer felt sympathetic towards the panhandler after seeing him day after day and, according to FOX 2 Detroit, decided to offer him a job...
Redeemable Vouchers for Homeless in GR
If you drive or walk through Grand Rapids, especially downtown, you are bound to see a panhandler or two on the side of the road asking for money. What do you do in this case? Do you give money or continue by? If you don't feel comfortable giving a panhandler money or you're concerned what they would do with that money, an alternative would be giving them a redeemable voucher to be used at Dégagé
Grand Rapids Leaders Looking For ‘A Better Way’ To Stop Panhandling
The first time the city of Grand Rapids adopted an ordinance to regulate panhanding, it was struck down by a federal judge for being unconstitutional. Tuesday, city commissioners will address the issue again, as they consider making it illegal for panhandlers to ask drivers for money. Meanwhile, local ministries and businesses are asking the public to help the panhandlers in what they call "a