A Guy "Promposed" to His Girlfriend by Taking Her to Hawaii
Prom is a big deal in a teenager's life and if you've been to prom before than you know a lot goes into it... especially money. But kids nowadays are going above-and-beyond for the perfect "promposal."
A high schools senior, in Arizona, took his girlfriend on a trip to HAW…
Justin Bieber Attends Prom [Video]
Chatsworth Charter High School in Southern California was lucky enough to the one and only Justin Bieber attend their prom. Why? Because he wanted to.
He was apparently recording music at the same venue the High School rented out for prom...
Gutsy Prom Invitation
It's prom season and apparently you need to be careful who you ask.
Recently, 18-year-old Patrick Farves, was given a three day in school suspension for asking Miss America, Nina Davuluri, to prom.
Davuluri was a guest at the school as an assembly was being held...
17-Year-Old Writes Song Asking Taylor Swift To Prom
High-school junior James Powers has been garnering national attention since posting a musical plea on YouTube asking country cutie Taylor Swift to accompany him to prom. He recently appeared on "Morning Express" with Robin Meade but has yet to receive word from Swift.
Either way, we…