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Today is ‘Count Day’ for Public Schools
Today, Wednesday, October 7 is one of two designated "count days" as required by the State School Aid Act to determine state funding for Michigan’s K-12 public school districts. Funding is based on the total student count/attendance on those two days. Obviously, it is vitally important that our schools have all of their students in attendance since their vital state funding counts the he
Will Charter Schools Replace Public Schools?
Parents who have been on the look out for a superior education for their children may not have to work so hard to get his or her children enrolled in a charter school. I'm not 100% versed on all of the controversy surrounding funding and accredidation requirements, but I do know that public school districts have been battling the challenge of offering a higher educational standard or else parents
Make A Difference In Public Schools
With the current state of funding for public schools being, um... less then stellar, many organizations have popped up to fill the funding void.  One of the coolest sites I was told about was  It has a really unique way to give that let's you give to a program that truly believe in.