Are The Spice Girls Reuniting?
Four years after the spectacle that was their "Return Of The Spice Girls" tour, it looks like the girls are getting back together again!
Now, while most groups end up getting back together because they're out of money, and think they may be able to squeeze a few bucks out of us…
Military Man Reunites With Family Dog! [VIDEO]
Okay, brace yourself!  If you're a dog lover like me then this video is going to make you tear-up and then laugh for a couple of reasons!
First, this sweet dog named Emmitt seems to somehow sense that his best friend is home following a long deployment and runs to the door to greet him with…
Kids Unwrap A New Toy? [VIDEO]
Opening presents is a favorite pastime of mine! Especially on my birthday -- I love celebrating with friends and family.
Now imagine getting one of the biggest gifts of your life and not being able to share it with your dad.