$35K Reward for Mutilated Dog
The Michigan Humane Society is now offering $35,000 to anyone with information regarding the Rottweiler that had his nose and ears cut off. Last week, the Humane Society was offering a $2,500 reward but because of several generous donations, from all around the country, that reward has jumped to $35K...
$20 for throwing a snowball?
Snowball fights are cool. Getting unexpectedly hit with a snowball is not so cool. But, a local man is challenging people to sneak up on him and hit him with a snowball. No, really. AND he wants to pay them to do it! Find out more after the jump!
Reward: Do You Know This Cat?
Have you seen this cat?  I'm so upset to hear that yet another animal has fallen victim to a hateful person's decision to take his or her anger out on an innocent pet. "Bow" was found along U.S. 131 and Burton about a week ago and has been recovering ever since.  The sweet male cat has been treated for arrow wounds to the face and neck at the Michigan Veterinary Specialists. The Humane S