Bears Are Showing Up All Over Lately And This One Can Open Doors
Thursday morning when I heard about the bear on the west side of Grand Rapids, I was mildly concerned, because I live around that area, and until that moment, I was really only worried about skunks.
I say mildly worried, because I thought, “Oh, I might come across one around my trash cans, bett…
Lion Pounces on Little Boy
You know those times where you walk into a glass door thinking it was open? Don't lie you know it's happened to you. Well, that's EXACTLY what happened here... but to a lion.
A video has gone viral of a little boy at a zoo in Japan who turns his back on a lion enclosure...
Next Level Pumpkin Carvings!
With Halloween right around the corner, pumpkin carving is in full swing for those celebrating the holidays!
While most people will carve a classic face or a design into their pumpkin, there are some carvers that have gone to the next level...

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