Michigan Cheese Recalled for E. Coli - State Confirms Illnesses
A local cheese maker, Grassfields Cheese, of Coopersville, issued a nationwide recall earlier this week because of E. Coli contamination. MLive now reports that six people have been confirmed sick due to the cheese.
Officials with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on Frid…
Super Bowl Parties are Getting People Sick
Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday and if you have plans on going to a party, be prepared because you could end up leaving sick.
Gizmodo reports on a study, done over 35 years, from Tulane University, which found that if a city's team was playing in the game, more people are likely to die from the flu…
Ways to Avoid Getting Sick from Your Significant Other
It's that time of year where lots of us are getting sick so we have to do what's necessary not to get those around us sick.
USA Today surveyed Americans on the lengths they'd go to avoid getting sick and how they prevent their significant others from getting them sick...

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