Get Back to Sleep With These Best-Selling Weighted Blankets
Weighted blankets have recently skyrocketed in popularity and it’s really not surprising (2020, anyone?). These heavier-than-usual blankets are known to transform sleep habits and ease anxiety thanks to an inherent “feels just like a hug” magic and, let’s be frank, who couldn’t use an extra hug these days?
Eat These Foods Before Bed
When you feel those late-night cravings do you cave in or do you try your best to avoid the kitchen? As long you're eating moderately you don't have to let those hunger pangs continue. It's common knowledge that eating before bed isn't good for our health but according to Simplemost...
Tips to Help You Adjust to DST
Get ready to spring forward! Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday, March 13 at 2 a.m., which means we'll get an extra hour of sunshine, yay! But we lose an hour of sleep, awww :( With the time change, DST can throw you and your day off...

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