Do You Remember Big Sid?
If you lived in or around Standale back in the summer of 1978, you were on the lookout for a 16 foot python (some said 20 foot) that weighed 140 pounds, that might be slithering through your yard!
Man Shoves Python Down His Pants [Video]
No, this isn't a bad sex joke. This is real.
A man in Portland, Oregon went to a pet store, this past Friday, where he was caught on camera stealing a 2-foot ball python! The man is seen taking the snake out of its tank and shoving it down his pants...
Florida Man Tries To Kiss Cotton Mouth Snake
Only in Florida...
18-year-old Austin Hatfield of Wimauma was hospitalized after being bitten by a cottonmouth snake.
The kicker is this happened while attempting to kiss it.
His friends say that he captured the snake from his girlfriends yard a couple days before the fatal encounter and kept it in a p…
Snake Found Where?!?!
This is why you should always check your toilet before going to the bathroom!
Stephanie Lacsa and Holly Wells noticed the water in their San Diego office's toilet to be higher than usual. So, Lacsa grabbed a toilet plunger to unclog and that is when she noticed a HUGE snake.