Food Court Challenge
For starters no one dared me to do this. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing that I came up with on my own.
I was in the food court at Rivertown Crossings Mall today, trying to decide what I wanted, when a random thought crossed my mind: "I should order something from every place...
You Broke In To Steal… Chips?
This past Thursday at about 2 A.M in Washington, Pennsylvania, a 21-year-old dude named Benjamin Sickles decided to break in to a Subway. The sandwich place, not the actual underground transportation.
‘Pants Off,’ To The New York Subway!
Hundreds of New Yorkers opted to take their pants off to celebrate the tenth annual No Pants Subway Ride on Sunday!
I'm not sure if they took The Fashion Line, butt innocent bystanders were exposed to more than just the cold weather...