Always Wear Sunscreen
We finally had temps in the 80's and I bet your forgot how bad the sun can be on your face. And now you're all sun-burnt. Don't you remember the advice "Always Wear Sunscreen" Interesting that Consumer's Reports both came to some of the same recommendations, two years in a row...
FDA Sets New Sunscreen Regulations
I remember when shopping for sunscreen was simple.  Today the choices for sunscreen seem endless: SPFs up to 110, waterproof, sweatproof, blocks UVA rays, blocks UVB rays, for babies, etc. Today the FDA tried to ease confusion by creating new rules for sunscreen manufacturers...
May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! [AUDIO]
Are you a sun goddess or dude who likes to catch a  couple of rays the moment the temperature in West Michigan rises above 40-degrees? I do too and get a little crazy by either holding my arm out the window while I'm driving down the road, open my sun roof  or simply stand outside with my face directed toward the sun ... it feels sooo good after a long winter inside, doesn't it?! Sorry to rain on