We're #1!! Michigan Named 'Best State in America'
Tell us something we didn't already know.
The website Thrillist ranked all 50 states from worst to best and they named Michigan as "The Best State in America!" Woohoo!
They ranked the states based on everything. Everything meaning food/drink, inventions, unique be…
The Best & Worst Pizza Toppings
What's your favorite thing to put on a pizza?
The website Thrillist ranked 26 pizza toppings, in order and the number 1 choice was... Basil. Kind of random but their reasoning is pretty spot on.
...a simple aromatic herb that brings out the natural sweetness of the tomatoes, doesn't hog the spotlight …
Best Beaches in Michigan
The website Thrillist compiled a list of the ranking 19 beaches in the state of Michigan. And of course West Michigan holds many spots on the lists, including the top four! The website took more than just the beach into consideration though...