Parking Changes in Downtown G.R.
If you park in Downtown Grand Rapids, starting Thursday, September 1st, you will notice that rates at the meters and the parking ramps will be higher than usual.
According to MLive, rates are increasing by more than 100%! Currently, the lots west of US-131 (Area 7, 8, and 9) are the cheapest in …
ArtPrize 2012 Spotlight – Parking And Transportation
Visiting ArtPrize is fun, but the crowds and traffic can be a lot to deal with.  Knowing where to go and how to get around town can help maximize the time you spend downtown at ArtPrize.
View our guide to parking and transportation and make the most of ArtPrize 2012.
Need A Ride?
Are you still stranded in all of this snow, but need to get out today?
Take the bus!  Click here for the route closest to you.
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