A Guy Identifies a Robber from his High School Yearbook
Well, this high school reunion will certainly be awkward.
A 20-year-old man from Virginia was arrested last month for a robbery he committed with a friend. According to the Virginian-Pilot, two men rang the doorbell to a residence and pulled a gun when the homeowner answered the door...
Carjackers Steal Car...Find Boy...Take Him to School [Video]
The title says it all.
Two men in Norfolk, VA stole a car outside of a post office and discovered a young boy sitting in the back seat so they drove him to school. Maybe they were carjackers with a conscious (sort of).
13 News Now says that police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle...
A Town With No Cell Phones [Video]
Imagine no cell phones, no WiFi, and limited use of things such as a microwave. That's the case for the small town of Green Bank, West Virginia.
The town falls in a 13,000 mile radio quiet zone surrounding the Green Bank's National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which has the largest steerable telescop…
Virginia Earthquake Felt In West Michigan!
Everyone in the office is chattering about feeling the earthquake that rattled Virginia this afternoon.
It happened about a half hour ago or just before two and according to WZZM 13 it registered at a 5.9 in Mineral, Virginia.
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