The Grand Rapids Football Club is Adding a Women's Team
Starting in 2017 women will now be able to join the Grand Rapids Football Club.
We are proud to announce that we will field a Women's team in 2017. pic.twitter.com/7kSDASllbY
— Grand Rapids FC (@grandrapidsfc) November 1, 2016
The GRFC is a minor league soccer team in West Michigan that was …
New MTV Show 'Ladylike' Breaks Gender Stereotypes [Trailer]
When you type the word ladylike into Google its defined as
appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl."
Furthermore, Merriam-Webster defines it as:
1:  becoming or suitable to a lady
2:  resembling a lady in appearance or manners :well-bred
Just think o…
It's More Expensive to be a Woman
It's pretty obvious that women require more maintenance. We've got our hair and beauty products, clothes, accessories, etc. so it's no surprise that it costs more to be a woman. However, research from the New York City Consumer Affairs found that products for females cost&nb…
New Study Shows Women Consume Almost as Much Alcohol as Men
In a modern era where women are becoming increasingly self-sufficient, it's no surprise that they're catching up to men in many different areas of life. According to a new study released by the National Institutes of Health, men are drinking less, while women are closing the gap by drinkin…

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