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Remembering the Blizzard of ’78
Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the "Blizzard of '78"! What were you doing back in 1978? If you were living in Michigan at the time, you were probably doing a lot of snow shoveling. This storm was one of the biggest snow storms to every hit this area. A low-pressure system moving from the Gulf Coast met with two other low-pressure systems, one from the Southwest and one from Canada, to create one of the worst snowstorms the Midwest has ever seen.
Five Arrested for Credit Card Skimming
Over the past couple of weeks, residents of West Michigan have been warned over credit card skimmers at the gas pumps. WOOD-TV reports that five people, all with connections to Miami, Florida, have been arrested and arraigned as of Friday...
WOOD-TV’s Matt Kirkwood Named One Of America’s Hottest Weather Forecasters
One of West Michigan's own is being lauded not only for his meteorological skills, but also his rugged good looks! WOOD-TV 8's Matt Kirkwood was recently listed by the Mother Nature Network as one of "America's Hottest Weather Forecasters". Kirkwood is in good company with the likes of the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, Doug Kammerer from NBC 4 Washington, and Rob Marciano from CNN. Read

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