A few weeks ago we posted a story about Taylor fans forcing Abercrombie and Fitch to remove a shirt from their website and stores that mocked Swift. Well, there's another company that's fighting back towards the fans.

There's this company called "Bad Kids Clothing Shop" and they have been selling this shirt. Now...this shirt is OBVIOUSLY meant to poke fun at Taylor unless, someone else has the exact same dating history as the Country Superstar.

A few months ago Abercrombie and Fitch released a shirt that said "More boyfriends than T.S." Fans got angry and A&F stopped production.

Well, Bad Kids says nopers....they're not gonna take their t-shirt away. In fact, they want to ramp UP production.

Their shirt says..."Jonas & Till & Lautner & Mayer & Gyllenhaal & Redmayne & Efron & Kennedy & Styles."