Months ago, I was excited to hear that Texas Governor Rick Perry had sent out personal invitations to every governor in the United States, asking him or her to join him in an afternoon of prayer for our nation on August 6th.

The Response was to be held in his home state at a convention center in Houston.

Last Saturday, Governor Perry took the podium to share his personal testimony followed by prayer.

Although I don't know how many governors were in attendance, if any, some 32,000 people showed-up!

In his opening remarks, Governor Perry proclaimed his faith in Christ, saying:
We know that there is hope for those who trust in him who fills our hearts with joy and gives us life. This God who knows our imperfections, he didn't leave us to live a life in our sins, but paid the price for them. He who knew no sin, he gave his life in ransom for me. This loving, this loving and perfect God is also a personal God.

Here's video of his prayer for our nation ...