Every day we ask you our "Text Question of the Day" and you send us your response.  Today we asked "What's The Weirdest Thing You've Seen In Someone Else's Home?"

We definitely got some interesting answers.  If you didn't get a chance to send your response, feel free to post it in the comments.  Here are your responses:

  • For the text ? Of the day: I have 2:
    1. Visiting my (ex) boyfriends' friends (never met before); back in the day when people displayed their dvd collections; was walking through the main part of the house and saw a wall full of DVD's. Didn't think much of it till I looked closer and realized they had thousands of porn videos on display
    2. Friend bought a house in grand haven and the previous owners had a fake palm tree smack dab in the center of the living room
  • There is a house in grand haven that has a GIANT baby sculpture. You can drive by and see how there whole house is filled with Giant sculptures. Its sooooo weird!!
  • The weirdest thing I've ever seen inside Simone else's home was that my grandparents basement is covered in mickey and Minnie mouse and it's really weird like the rest of the house is fine but you go down there and there's like shrines of them. Creppy
  • Phallic statues
  • A dead body
  • A shrine to Michel Jackson
  • My friend's girlfriend
  • Coffee pot in the bathroom, the coffee pot was sitting on the toilet
  • We were house hunting once, and on the walls of the kitchen, they had five of those cat clocks with the eyes that go left and right. They were all in sync and they freaked out our family so much
  • Full size Blues Brothers statue sitting in their living room. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and forgot they were there and freaked out.
  • I saw my best friend parents having it
  • 7ft suit of Armor in our family home (parents home). They have passed away now, but we have kept it there.
  • I was at my friend's place in middle school when she came out with a purple... appliance... made for a small part of the female anatomy. She asked what it was.When I went shopping for a house in 2008, here in Grand Rapids, I went into an empty house and looked all around as you usually do, but I found a room in the basement that had obviously been used for some extreme adult activities. My realtor and I called it the “fungeon”....the fun-dungeon. There were hooks from the ceilings where you could hang someone up, there was weird 70s wallpaper and black mirrors everywhere, there were spotlights on the ceilings, and the room was about 8 x 10. It was definitely not a child’s room.
  • The first time I went to my now husband's parents house, his dad sat down in the table and asked me if I wanted to see the two headed snake that was in their freezer. They have had it in there since my husband was a kid. It is now in our freezer.... he may be a bit of a hoarder!
  • Weirdest things I've seen in somebody's house were replicas of the terracotta warriors, a floor to ceiling giant hug collection (there was a Goliath bird eating spider!), and they had standing gong in their living room. It was totally weird but yet oh so awesome. Aside from the spider. #gag lol
  • To go along with the bag of teeth my best friends mom has a picture frame of all teeth my best friend lost when she was younger and it hangs right in their living room
  • Hey Fish! I was 8-9 years old and I was visiting my dad and he sent me to get something out of his closet... I dug into the closet as I couldn't find it and found a small tote with "balloon animal" toys in his closet... being so young I went home and told my mom what I had found right down the the fluffy handcuffs. Needless to say it took me years to actually find out what it was. When I did? I was absolutely disgusted. He had to have known those were in there, I still to this day have not confronted him about this
  • Weirdest thing in someone’s home: The family room was 3 walls of piranha tanks, 1 wall of goldfish AND the cat was missing a front paw!
  • When my wife and I were looking for houses we walked thru this one house that was very creepy. They showed us the garage and they called it the party room. There was a poker table and a hot tub in the garage. There was about 2 feet above the hot tub to get in and out of it with lights hanging down from up above it. They said the hot tub came with the house. I'm pretty sure they were swingers. And who wants a used hot tub in a garage? Who knows what they did in that! Pretty gross!
  • Weirdest thing? It was actually in our house. We were doing a production of Pippin and had no room to store a set piece at the small theater where we worked. Imagine the surprised look on the oil delivery guy's face when he ran into a full size crucifix in our garage!!
  • So I’m a Realtor. I showed a house to a client last year on the NE side of Grand Rapids . The house was built in the 70s and most of the place was updated except the basement straight up shag carpet In all its 1970s glory but this one room room...had a hot tub (looked original) paneling everywhere. The ceiling above the tub was mirrored with like sea shells glued all over it with green moss or some shit. The walls had mirrors too and the even weirder part there were these make shift Ballet bars but they were screwed into the walls at only like 3 inches off the ground? What? This was def someone’s 1970 Brown Brown room. But was so creepy we turned around and ran out
  • 16 porcelain clowns placed around the living room
  • There's a house in Heritage Hill that has a tree in their yard full of mannequin heads
  • House on Lincoln lake road that has a giant elephant in their yard...it's been there at least 15 years or more:)
  • I went on a date with a guy and we ended up going back to his place to watch a movie after dinner. I ran to the bathroom for a second and while washing my hands I noticed a stick of coverup on the counter. It wasn't name brand and looked old and there was a hair on it. (so it clearly wasn't a females) I was so weirded out that he had makeup, made me wonder what he was trying to hide.
    My ex boyfriends mom has their powder room decorated with old timey photos of tombstones.
  • A bathroom decorated with really old urinals, bed pans and bathroom used antiques
  • We were looking at a house that was for sale. There was a rolled joint, lighter and ashtray sitting on a table in living room.
  • My nieghbors back home built a Rolls-Royce in the living-room. An old vintage one.
  • One of the weirdest things I've seen at someone house a collection of Elvis paintings ... the owner of them still thinks he's alive somewhere... So strange
    Thankfully not all in the same house but.... A full knight in shining armour set...a giant cat castle that took up more than 1/2 of the living room, a collection of vases and some paintings of "things that your underwear covers" male and female. A room that was completely carpeted with purple shaggy carpet - the floor, walls, doors, ceiling, even the door knob had a carpet cover on it. Again, thankfully not in the same house.
  • A friend of mine bought a house over this summer. Just found out a couple weeks ago that it was my other friend's dad's house they purchased. Funny coincidence there. What makes it better is that the friend that bought the house found a tube of used nipple cream the closet shelf in the master bedroom.... My poor other friend was traumatized when I told her
  • My friend had a room filled with pictures of butt cracks

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