As we all plan for events in the new year, it is always fun to see what's hot and what's gauche!

What I would like to know is whether or not black dresses at special events will always be in, and if so, how do you make it look like something that just came off the runway instead of out of your closet??


  • Always keep your little black dress clean and ironed. Dry cleaning is a smart option.
  • A lint brush is your best friend! If you don't have one, buy one or try to keep your dress really clean and free from pet hair or lint.
  • The benefits of black include its ability to move from day to night, its ease of matching with everything, its ability to conceal dirt, and the less conspicuous nature of black means that you wear it more often than other colors. In addition, it can look expensive even when the dress or other item isn't, it looks slimming, hides tailoring imperfections, and it tends to always be available on store racks.
  • Change into a different pair of shoes to change the look.
  • Wear the little black dress with tights in autumn/fall and winter for warmth or even a bit of color.
  • For a casual look, put your dress under a tight black skirt, teamed with ankle boots and tights, and perhaps a leather jacket.
  • Famous women who have made the most of the black dress include Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Rene Russo, and Ann Margaret.
  • Do an online search for images of actresses and other famous women in black dresses to find out which styles you'd like to emulate with your own black dress.


  • Don't over accessorize; all of the above ideas should be plenty for any outfit.
  • The fit of the dress is everything since it is so plain... imperfections will stick out more if the dress is too tight or too loose, so take caution and only buy and wear things that will fit you.
  • Don't wear heels that are too high if you're attending a standing event; you'll pay for such a choice with very sore legs and be tempted to slouch.

Things You'll Need

  • Little black dress
  • Accessories
  • Handbag
  • Shoes
  • Pantyhose, tights

(Source: iGoogle)