Are you one of those people who has trouble getting rid of certain items? Whether it be clothes, furniture, or random nick-knacks. You're not the only one. According to a new study, more than half of Americans say their home is cluttered.

The Storage & Moving Study, reported in the PR Newswire, found that guilt is the top reason (91%) people have difficulty letting go of a certain item. These items include gifts, family heirlooms, clothing they rarely wear, greeting cards & crafts from children.

The study also found the five reasons we don't get rid of our stuff:

  1. "In case I need it in the future." (63%)
  2. Sentimental reasons (51%)
  3. To sell them (26%)
  4. "In case I give it away as a gift" (19%)
  5. Laziness (2%)

Some people's homes are so cluttered it takes them almost 2 hours just to look for something.

90% of people in relationships also admitted that they would get rid of their significant other's belongings if it wouldn't cause a fight.

What is something you can't get rid of?