It's election season, and as such we're used to seeing signs all over town showing support for people's favorite candidates. Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Kasich, and the rest have all been represented on yard signs around the state of Michigan. But one building in Waterford Township is offering up a new choice for president - Kid Rock.

We're not sure if this is a business, or what. And if it IS a business, we have no idea what they sell.One thing is for sure, though, they want the "American Badass" to be our next president.

They've actually been championing this cause for quite some time. This Google Street View image was taken in October of 2015.

Have you been in Waterford and seen this building? Do you have any idea what it's all about?

Will Kid make a run for the Oval Office? It's doubtful. He's "digging" Trump.