With all the diet books out there, you'd think they'd have run out of weight loss tricks by now.  But somehow they keep churning them out.  Here are three new ones we'd never heard before.

1.  Serve dinner from the stove.  As opposed to putting everything in dishes, and then serving it at the table.  According to an expert at Cornell University, you'll eat about 10% less.  And as a bonus, there won't be as many dishes to do.

2.  When you feel like having a snack, distract yourself for 10 minutes.  On average, that's how long it takes for a craving to pass.  So go on Facebook, or go for a walk.  It doesn't matter as long as you get your mind off of food for 10 minutes.

3.  Clench your fists.  Several studies recently found that clenching your fists for 30 seconds can give you more will power to control impulses . . . like the impulse to eat that third piece of cake.