For those who were wondering the same thing as myself. When will they come out with an airless tire that will never go flat? Boom... In pops Bridgestone.

Bridgestone Tires says it's groundbreaking new prototype of airless tire never goes flat, and could put an end to frustrating slow leaks and dangerous high-speed blow-outs. I lost a friend to a tire blowout back in 2008 in Jackson, Mississippi. Needless to say I worry about the possibilities of this happening to me and my family.

The tires are produced with Recyclable plastic resin that is weaved into a mesh of spokes to support the tread of the tire keeping it from ever going flat. Bridgestone says it's still in an early stage of development but should eventually be available to consumers in the near future. You can make a safe bet that I will be ordering four as soon as they are available.

A Bridgestone spokesman said, "There is no need to periodically refill the tires with air, meaning they require less maintenance. Plus the concept tire could prove to be a viable and more environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional tires in the future."

This is a great start to safer tires and vehicles for families everywhere, while working for a cleaner environment as well. Did I just sound like one of those Miss America responses? Ugh, I did... but its a true statement.