Here's yet another reason to be thankful that you don't live in Wisconsin.

Two clowns have been wreaking havoc on the psyches of the residents of Waukesha. 

The photo above was posted on Twitter by Nick Bohr of WISN 12 in Milwaukee and if I'm being completely honest, if I saw this I would s--- myself.

WISN 12 Newts talked to police in Waukesha, and found out that the clown dressed in orange is a developmentally delayed teenage boy. They know who he is and say that he does it to see how people will react.

The boy's mother says that his actions are "completely harmless".

If you say so, mom. I say this is really creepy. And it gets creepier.

That's right, there's now a Joker-esque copycat clown walking around Waukesha's Carroll University. And he's even creepier than the first clown.