Summertime in Michigan should always come with lots of fun in the sun and sand. While you may think that the waves and current of Lake Michigan are some of the most dangerous things that you may encounter during your day in the sun, you may want to check beneth your feet for one of the most dangerous things you may encounter.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

While sand may not seem that scary, if you're not careful that sand masterpiece could turn deadly. Experts are warning us all again that if you're playing in the sand, make sure you aren't digging because those holes are dangerous and deadly.

On Sunday, June 9th a 12-year-old boy was buried in a sand dune at Silver Lake State Park on Sunday evening. Witnesses say that the boy had been digging a hole in the sand dune when the hole collapsed on him. Thankfully, bystanders helped dig the boy out but it was a close call. The boy was unconscious when he was pulled from the sand dune, but he did have a faint heartbeat. He was taken to a hospital for treatment, and will hopefully be okay in the long run.

But this scary situation could easily be avoided for others if we just don't dig deep into the sand.

So, why are those holes in the sand so deadly?

There are several reasons, but the main one is that sand simply isn't stable. Think about it, you have millions of tiny pieces, you're moving them around and they aren't secured or glued in a place. So, it only takes a small shift for them to all come tumbling down.

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 That giant wave or shift in sand, can bury you. And especially for children, the weight of that sand can suffocate, bury or even kill you. It may seem harmless, but it's actually terrifying and easier to happen than you'd think.

Here's your reminder to have fun, and enjoy the beaches and dunes that Michigan has plenty of. Just, remember: leave the digging for ants- you don't want to end up buried alive, literally.

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