It's Buzzfeed time!  Steve mentioned that ever since he got a hammock and a bird feeder, he feels like a Disney Princess when he lays out in the back yard with the birds.  So Curtis, quick like a fox, found a Buzzfeed quiz that will tell you which Disney Princess you are.

Here are our results:

Connie got: Mulan
Outgoing and vivacious, you are considered the sporty one in your group. However, athletics are not the sum total of who you are as you have a keen interest in the world around you.

Curtis got: Cinderella
Hardworking and industrious, you are the ideal co-worker. You burn the midnight oil to get projects done and often pick up the slack for others. Most likely you were valedictorian of you class.

Steve got: Aurora
Shy and reticent it takes you a while to open up, but when you do people consider you a friend for life. Beneath your quiet exterior is the thoughtful and considerate person brimming with passion.

Intern Connor got: Rapunzel
Witty and outgoing, you have a sense of humor that always keeps people smiling. You are constantly on the look for adventure and don't settle down easily.

Now it's time for you to take the quiz and post your results in the comments!

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