If you've ever wanted the princess experience, now's your chance, but only if you have deep pockets.

Maybe you can put an offer in for the Grand Castle, but it's not for sale as far as we know.

But...an Oceana County mansion overlooking Lake Michigan and designed to look like a castle IS up for grabs if you're willing to cough up a cool $2.1 million.

The Zillow listing for the 4800 square foot castle shows it features turrets, a roof top lounge area, and a balcony that offers sweeping views of Lake Michigan.  The interior is surprisingly modern for a castle, with a beautiful kitchen featuring amenities like marble countertops and a high end refrigerator/freezer with plenty of space for beverages.

However, it does not have things you would expect from a castle like a moat, drawbridges, a throne room with the Iron Throne, and an insulting Frenchman yelling at intruders from turrets a la Monty Python. Sorry.

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