I love learning about my friends spousal secrets.  HEHE.  Like I didn’t know that’s Steve’s wife was an old soul or that Christine has an ex that didn’t tell her he was engaged before they dated.  Alicia used to be a competitive dancer back in the day and the group didn’t know that.   You guys had way better answers then us though … check them out.

What do people not know about your partner?

  • My wife thinks she worked with Fish at Mystic Lake.
  • He has no cell phone, Facebook or any social media. Even though he is a gamer hates technology.
  • If I told you then everyone would know
  • That he is one of the kindest people I know.
  • A lot, actually. He's very private and wisely stays away from social media.
  • Lots of things that I'm not going to call out online.
  • He’s a unique guy
  • That they exist
  • That he has an angry/defensive side when he needs to be. He’s 99% a big teddy bear but he has needed to be a jerk especially when it comes to defending me and our kids against relatives
  • They are emotionally, financially, and verbally abusive. But everyone thinks they’re an amazing human.
  • Everything.
  • He's the type of guy that'll give the shirt off his back...
  • There’s things I probably don’t even know he’s so private
  • That his principal wrote him up for “misuse of a sick day.” He picked my dad up at his oncologist appointment and then drove to Ohio where my husband had to coach a college basketball game that night just days after I gave birth to our 4th child. He literally has 172 sick days available (rarely uses them). And people wonder why there is a teacher shortage.
  • Ex partner. Everyone thinks he’s this great guy and “perfect.” Behind closed doors he’s controlling and spoiled.
  • They tell their wife everything when out with their friends.
  • He has several unique "collections"
  • He cries at sappy movies!
  • He's bi-sexual.
  • He’s been divorced 4 times

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