It's time to spill your guts about parenting!  What do you absolutely never want to teach your kids?  Or if you don't have kids, what did your parents not want to teach you?

What do you wish someone else could teach your kids?

  • 95% of the people I trust with my life have tattoos
  • Clean up after themselves
  • #TQOTD I would like my kids to learn safety. Stay away from the road, watch for cars, look both ways ect. (Ages 4 and 5) My older 2 (teens) I wish someone would teach then how important communication is...stop staring at the damn phones!
    Teach my 15 year old son that there's more to life than video games.
  • As a single mom...all that guy stuff. For real though, I have no idea about any of it these days! Thankfully my bf said when it comes time to have more mature conversations about things, he will take over. I prefer to remain oblivious that my sweet little ginger dude is doing anything... unmentionable....
  • To pick up her room
  • Potty training!! Worst thing ever about being a parent!! It's a daily battle!
  • That lying is not acceptable and (real) trust is almost impossible to earn back once that 'horse gets out of the corral'. A constant problem with my nephew (who I am raising).
  • That lying is wrong!! My 6 year old does it all the time and doesn't understand how hard it is to get people to trust you again. She constantly tells us what she thinks we want to hear....
  • For the text question of the day I wish someone could potty train my kids
  • TQOTD: I wish someone could teach them that the world won't end if they're not on to play fortnite every single frogging day!! 😠
  • TQOTD....someone else would for sure be teaching them math or they would be stuck on multiplication forever 😂 and how to deal with little butthole bullies, way too many of those these days and my way of handling them wouldn't be considered acceptable 😬
  • I'd like someone to teach my children that life is worth living. It's really hard to teach something you can't believe yourself. I try to pretend, but it's not enough.
  • Someone else please teach my kid to drive. I swear I have an anxiety attack EVERY time I'm in the passenger seat with my kid driving. There should be an exception... parents riding shotgun with a kid learning to drive, those parents should be allowed to drink and ride.
  • I don’t have kids, but I really wish someone else would train the dog to come when she’s called. She just refuses to listen to me.
  • Teach them that it's not against the law to get a job as a teenager lol
  • My kids as a parent: how to deal with disappointment and heatbreak. Classroom kids as a teacher: i wish parents would teach their kids basic manners. It is absolutely insane.
  • I wish someone would teach them appreciation for what sacrifices that parents make to get them where they are. Instead of time eventually showing them. Sometimes they can be jackholes
  • TQOTD.. I wish someone would teach my kids to.. Take a leap and try new things. Especially my older 2. They are very stuck in the bubble called home. The world is their oyster so take it by the reigns..
  • Happy Monday ya'll get er done!!!!
  • Tqotd: I wish someone would teach my child how to not bite it's just fun and games he just loves to play just a little Nibley. But it gets really embarrassing and we have company over and he starts nibbling on their fingers. I am a fur mama.
  • Balloon animals. Straight up. I ain't getting involved in any of that. Whoever I marry is gonna have to be prepared for that I ain't gon do it
  • I wish someone would teach my kid not to fight. My 15 month old got into a fight with another baby a few weeks ago at day care. I have never heard of baby fight club .. so I am assuming its bad🙄🙄😂😂😂