Connie famously always says "you can't help who you love."  And that also goes for people's traits as well.  That brought us today's #TQOTD.  Now let's check out what "negative" traits you find attractive!

What negative trait do you find attractive?

  • Jealousy. Like a guy that would say something if a guy was hitting on me.
  • I’m in my early 20’s and I just broke up with a guy that had perfect skin. I love popping pimples and he had none.
  • I like a woman who can be a "Super "B" at the right time
  • I am attracted to men who do not have perfect teeth.
  • Tqotd- someone who can be a major pot head but be a driven motivated functioning pot head like meeeee 😁😁😁💯
  • I find sarcasm attractive. My ex-husband had no humor what so ever.
  • Not sure if this is a negative trait but my very laid back husband takes a lot of crap from his controlling mother. I totally find it hot when he stands up to her and puts her in his place... especially when he stands up for me with her.
  • I like how guys' hands look when they bite their nails. (Not sure if this is the type of thing you're asking about, but it's true)
  • Cockiness. Most people see that as a negative trait but I see it as confidence and that is very attractive.
  • #TQOTD A "negative" trait I find attractive is a sassy attitude. Dunno why, but I like a little sass.
  • Negative behavior I like- I like really bossy and aggressive men (no I don't have daddy-issues lol). Not abusive or demeaning, I just really find it kinda hot when a man tells me what to do.
  • I have a good friend that's a bad boy that I've always been attracted to, and I think that the negative trait in him that I am most attracted to is the fact that he is recklessly fearless. He's a fine line between sexy and terrifying and I think that is what makes hanging out with him so exhilarating. You really never know what is going to happen next, except that no matter what it is, it will always be a good time. You just might die lol
  • Big huge gauges in a guy's ears ☺️
  • When a man gets overly defensive against something that's said about who he is with. But don't like men who are overly defensive in general
  • #question When men are not afraid to show their soft side- when they let down their tough/macho-ness
  • A little extra weight
  • I sometimes find an angry woman attractive maybe she will take it out on me LOL
  • I'm attracted to men who are l little less school smart than me. All of my boyfriends have needed help in school at some point for various reasons
  • A bad boy with clean long hair and tight clothes.
  • I love bed head! … Messy hair is hot!!
  • QOTD I really love awkward nerds. Sometimes I go a little too far, that's why I have an ex who thinks he can control fire with his mind. To be fair he was homeschooled in Arizona.