C'mon! We all love cheese, right? Here's what your favorite cheese says about you!

If you love Brie or any other kind of creamy, runny cheeses:

  • You're the kind of person that will stop and smell the roses. You like to take advantage of each individual moment of your life. You also are in a love affair with crackers!

If you love mozzarella or Burrata:

  • Your friends would say you're a "Class Act". You're a laid back person who likes to throw parties and entertain guests.

If you love cheddar:

  • You are reliable and trustworthy. Everyone seems to know your name. And, don't worry. You're NOT boring like you think you are.

If you love Feta:

  • You are the expectant daredevil. People often didn't think you had it in you.

If you love Gorgonzola:

  • You enjoy being the loud friend. You like to shout WOO HOO and often think others at parties are too dull.

If you love American:

  • You're probably a sweet person...and it's likely that you never left your hometown. Also, you might be 6 and love grilled cheeses.

Don't see your cheese here? Well, you can find the WHOLE list HERE.