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Cory Monteith Died from a Combination of Heroin and Alcohol 

CORY MONTEITH died from a lethal combination of HEROIN AND ALCOHOL.  But the British Columbia Coroner's Office says there's no evidence that his death was, quote, "anything other than a most sad and tragic accident."  Meanwhile, sources say that Cory would fall off the wagon whenever he returned home to Vancouver and hung out with old friends, who were a bad influence.

John Mayer Now Has Rules to Follow If He Wants to Be With Katy Perry 

Sources say KATY PERRY only took JOHN MAYER back on the condition that he get rid of his old girlfriends' numbers, stop texting them and take her out on date nights more often.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel Are Having a Boy 

FERGIE and JOSH DUHAMEL are having a BOY.  Josh revealed it during a taping of "Live! With Kelly and Michael".  (The episode airs today.)

Adam Levine is Engaged 

MAROON 5 singer ADAM LEVINE is engaged to Victoria's Secret model BEHATI PRINSLOO.  He's 34, she's 24.  They started dating last year, but broke up for a while in the spring.  Obviously, they're back together.

Emma Roberts Was Arrested for Beating Up Her Boyfriend 

EMMA ROBERTS was arrested earlier this month for beating up her boyfriend EVAN PETERS . . . but she was released because he didn't want charges pressed.  Peters reportedly had been BITTEN, and also had a bloody nose . . . but sources say BOTH of them were getting physical with each other.

Did Justin Bieber Spit in a Guy's Face at a Club? 

A guy claims JUSTIN BIEBER spit in his face at a club in Ohio over the weekend.  The unidentified man says Justin's people approached him at the Social Room in Columbus, because they thought he was taking pictures of Justin.  He wasn't, but Justin still confronted him.  The guy says Justin, quote, "called my mom something, called my dad something, called me something . . . and spit in my face."

Is Lindsay Lohan Getting $2 Million to Answer Softball Questions from Oprah? 

You know how OPRAH WINFREY landed the first post-rehab interview with LINDSAY LOHAN?  Well, word has it Lindsay is getting $2 MILLION to do it.  You heard that right, $2 million . . . to answer Oprah's softball questions.

TMZ's sources say Oprah's OWN network has been in talks with Lindsay's people for FOUR months . . . and the deal also has Oprah providing her with two fully-paid assistants and a stylist.

"Under the Dome" is #1 for a Third Week . . . Plus Ratings for Four New Shows

Stephen King's "Under the Dome" topped the ratings for a third week in a row.  It came in at #1 with nearly 11 million viewers.  Here are last week's Top 10 shows 

1.  "Under the Dome", CBS, 10.7 million viewers


2.  Wednesday's "America's Got Talent", NBC, 10.7 million viewers


3.  Tuesday's "America's Got Talent", NBC, 9.8 million viewers


4.  "NCIS", CBS, 8.7 million viewers


5.  "The Big Bang Theory", CBS, 8.2 million viewers


6.  "The Bachelorette", ABC, 6.9 million viewers


7.  "Two and a Half Men", ABC, 6.8 million viewers


8.  "60 Minutes", CBS, 6.4 million viewers


9.  Sunday's "Big Brother", CBS, 6.2 million viewers


10.  The Wednesday repeat of "America's Got Talent", CBS, 6.2 million viewers

Wednesday TV Reminders:

"Big Brother 15" [Power of Veto competition] . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on CBS.

"America's Got Talent" [Performance Show] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on NBC.

"The 2013 ESPYS" . . . 9:00 to 11:30 P.M. on ESPN.  Jon Hamm hosts the 21st annual sports awards.  "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts receives the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

"Ghost Hunters" [9th Season Finale] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Syfy.

"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" [2nd Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on TLC.

"Wicked Attraction" [6th Season Premiere] . . . 9:00 to 10:00 P.M. on ID.

"Deal With It" [Series Premiere] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on TBS.  Theo Von hosts a hidden camera prank show where average people are asked to wear an earpiece in order to take commands from guest celebrities to win cash and prizes.  Guest celebrities this week are Yvette Nicole Brown and Howie Mandel.

"Watch What Happens:  Live" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Bravo.  "Millionaire Matchmaker's" Patti Stanger guests.

Early Morning Show Guests:

"The Today Show" - Jeff Garlin ("Arrested Development") and the cast of OWN's "The Golden Sisters".  Music Guest:  "Voice" winner Danielle Bradbery.

"Good Morning America" - Matt Dillon ("Girl Most Likely") and Stacy Keibler.  Music Guest:  Court Yard Hounds.

"CBS This Morning" - Bill O'Reilly for his book "Kennedy's Last Days: The Assassination That Defined a Generation".


Mid-Morning Show Guests:

"Live! With Kelly and Michael" - Josh Duhamel.  Music Guest:  Sara Bareilles. 

"The View" - The stars of Disney Channel's "Teen Beach Movie" . . . Maia Mitchell from ABC Family's "The Fosters" and Ross Lynch from Disney Channel's "Austin & Ally".

"Rachael Ray" - "Mystery Taster" Lily Tomlin.  (REPEAT)

"Kris" - Mario Lopez co-hosts.

This Afternoon On TV:

"The Real" - The cast of TLC's "Sister Wives", plus Mobile, Alabama's all-male cheerleading squad The Prancing Elites perform.

"Ellen DeGeneres" - Melissa McCarthy ("Identity Thief") and Jacki Weaver ("Silver Linings Playbook").  (REPEAT)

"The Talk" - The cast of Lifetime's "Devious Maids" and chef Fabio Viviani ("Chow Ciao! with Fabio Viviani").  Vicki Lawrence co-hosts.

"Katie Couric" - Rob Lowe ("Parks and Recreation"),June Shannon ("Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"), plus designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz give Martina McBride's music school a makeover.

"Steve Harvey" - Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman offers advice on how to revive your romance.

"Dr. Phil" - A man who killed his friend in self-defense, a daughter who came forward about her father's crime after 25 years of silence, and a husband with a secret prescription drug habit.

"Dr. Oz Show" - Chef Bobby Deen and Dr. Oz discuss weight loss without dieting . . . plus how to revamp Southern recipes with half of the fat and calories, without giving up the flavor.  (REPEAT)

"Wendy Williams" - June Shannon ("Here Comes Honey Boo Boo") and Aaron Tveit ("Graceland").

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:


"Letterman" - NBC's Brian Williams.  Music Guest:  Court Yard Hounds.


"Jimmy Kimmel" - Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal") and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade.  Music Guest:  The Neighbourhood.  (REPEAT)


"The Tonight Show" - "Glee's" Jane Lynch ("Hollywood Game Night") and Charlie Hunnam ("Pacific Rim").  Music Guest:  Serena Ryder.


"Craig Ferguson" - Anthony Hopkins ("Red 2") and Georgia King ("The New Normal").


"Jimmy Fallon" - Catherine Zeta-Jones ("Red 2") and Colin Quinn ("Grown Ups 2").  Music Guest:  Gogol Bordello.


"Carson Daly" - Greta Gerwig and artist Molly Crabapple.  Music Guest:  Pierce the Veil.  (REPEAT)


"Conan" - Ben Schwartz ("Turbo") and Noah Wyle ("Falling Skies").  Music Guest:  Pretty Lights with Talib Kweli.


"Jon Stewart" - Author Reza Aslan ("Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth").


"The Colbert Report" - Jerry Seinfeld ("Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee").


"Chelsea Lately" - Jason Biggs (Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black").

51% of Men Lie About How Many Women They've Had Sex With . . . 5% Lie About the Size of Their Junk

A new survey asked men to name the LIES about sex they tell the most.  51% of men lie most often about how many women they've been with . . . 31% lie most often about their FETISHES . . . 6% lie most often about whether they've been tested for STDs . . . and 5% lie most often about the size of their JUNK.


Men Are Split 50-50 On Whether They'd Dump Their Girlfriend If She Gained a Lot of Weight

A new survey asked men if they'd DUMP their girlfriend if she gained, quote, "a significant amount" of weight.  And . . . it split RIGHT down the middle.  50% of American men say they'd dump her, 50% wouldn't.


If You Could Get Away With It, Would You Punch Your Boss In the Face?

If you could get away with it, and there were NO consequences, would you PUNCH YOUR BOSS IN THE FACE?  In a new survey, 73% of men say no and 27% say yes.  People REALLY want to punch their coworkers though.  51% of men say they'd punch a coworker if they could get away with it.  That means the MAJORITY of men want to punch a coworker in the face.


The U.S. is the Seventh-Hardest Working Country in the World . . . Mexico is Number One

CNN just released a list of the hardest working countries in the world, based on the number of hours the average person works in a year.  And Mexico came in first, at 2,317 hours per year.  That's about 44 hours a week.  The U.S. finished in seventh place, with the average American salaried worker putting in 1,798 hours per year.  Or about 38 hours a week.


A New Study Finds Your Kids Will Love You More If You Follow Them On Facebook?

:  This goes against pretty much everything we've ever heard . . . but a new study says your teenagers actually LIKE IT when you're friends with them on Facebook.  The study found kids who were Facebook friends with their parents felt more connected and close to them in real life.

(Daily Mail)



Did Wendy's Hide a Subliminal Message in Their New Logo . . . and Is It Responsible for a 25% Jump in Sales?

(ABC News / Daily Mail / Stocklogos)

The Pope Wants Twitter Followers So Badly, He's Offering to Fast-Track Your Trip to Heaven

According to a new report, the Vatican says that if you follow POPE FRANCIS on Twitter during Catholic World Youth Day at the end of this month, he'll grant you something called "indulgences" . . . which REDUCE your time in purgatory and get you to heaven faster.

(The Guardian / Gawker)

A Woman Gets Stuck In a Wall . . . and No One Helps Her For Seven Hours Because They Think She's a Ghost?

On Saturday, a woman was walking home in China and tried to take a shortcut between two buildings.  But she got stuck and started screaming for help.  And no one in the buildings helped . . . because apparently they all believed the screams were coming from a GHOST.  Finally, seven hours later, someone called for help and firefighters rescued the woman.  And now she's doing fine.

(Huffington Post / The Telegraph) 

People Are Getting Plastic Surgery on Their Palms . . . So Fortune Tellers Will Give Them Better Palm Readings?

This seems like cheating.  In Japan, apparently there's a new plastic surgery trend where people are getting lines etched into their palms . . . so when they go to PALM READERS, they'll get the fortunes they want.  Like, if someone wants to get married but has a short "marriage line" in their palm, they have a surgeon extend it.  The procedure costs around $1,000.

(Daily Beast)

Celebrity Birthdays...

Mike Vogel - 33  (Dale Barbie on "Under the Dome".)

Carey Hart - 38  (Professional motocrosser who's married to Pink.  Pink looks like she can HURT YOU in the bedroom . . . but in that GOOD way.)

Alex Winter- 48  (Bill S. Preston, Esquire in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" and MAYBE the THIRD "Bill & Ted" movie!  Keanu is up for it, and it sounds like there's an actual chance it'll get made.)

Brandy Alexandre - 49  (Mattress actress who has starred in 81 fine films, including . . . "Whore of the Roses", "Camp Beaverlake", "No Holes Barred", "In Your Face . . . Again" AND "When Larry Ate Sally"!)

Mark Burnett - 53  (He's the producer behind reality shows like "Survivor", "Rock Star", "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?", "The Apprentice" and one of my guiltiest pleasures, "Bully Beatdown".  He's married to "Touched By an Angel" minx Roma Downey.)

David Hasselhoff - 61  (Embarrassing alcoholic.)

Lucie Arnaz - 62  (Famous for being Lucy and Desi's daughter.)

Terry "Geezer" Butler - 64  (Bassist for Black Sabbath.)

Camilla Parker-Bowles - 66  (Prince Charles nails her real good.)

Diahann Carroll - 78  (Nubian goddess.  In the 1960s she was engaged to Sidney Poitier.  But she then tasted the sweet flavors of the interracially-taboo . . . and married honky crooner Vic Damone in 1987.)

Donald Sutherland - 78  (Great actor.  Mediocre reproducer.  He sired Kiefer Sutherland.)

PHYLLIS "DELICIOUS" DILLER! - (1917 - 2012)  (Would you like to see Phyllis Diller TOPLESS?  Then track down a 1991 horror flick called "The Boneyard".  For the first and only time in her career, Phyllis filmed the entire movie without wearing . . . A WIG!)

Mick Tucker - Would have been 66 - (1947 - 2002)  (Drummer in SWEET.  They gave us the smashes "Little Willy", "Fox on the Run" and "Ballroom Blitz".)

Vince Guaraldi - (1928 - 1976)  (Jazz pianist who did the "Peanuts" music.)

THE AMAZING ART LINKLETTER! - Would have been 101 - (1912 - 2010)  (If you have to ask . . . you are OUT of the loop, Cletus.  OUT OF IT.)

James Cagney - (1899 - 1986)


Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 1 day to San Diego's Comic-Con

• 9 days until "The Wolverine"

• 44 days until Labor Day Weekend

• 64 days to Talk Like a Pirate Day

• 1,283 days left of "Hope and Change"

Back in the day

96 years ago . . . in 1917 - The British royal family's last name was changed from SAXE-COBURG GOTHA to WINDSOR.



58 years ago . . . in 1955 - The racket that is DISNEYLAND opened in Anaheim, California.



54 years ago . . . in 1959 - The legendary BILLIE HOLIDAY died from the effects of her HEROIN addiction at the age of 44.  Believe it or not, she died with only 70 cents in the bank, but with $750 STRAPPED TO HER LEG, out of a deep-rooted fear of poverty.



48 years ago . . . in 1965 - JAMES BROWN released THE perfect R&B smash . . . "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag".  It sold two million copies and won the Grammy for Best R&B recording.



46 years ago . . . in 1967 - The JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE opened for . . . the MONKEES . . . at Forest Hills Stadium in New York.



32 years ago . . . in 1981 - "Zorro:  The Gay Blade" was released . . . starring leathery GEORGE HAMILTON.



15 years ago . . . in 1998 - "The Mask Of Zorro" was released, starring ANTONIO BANDERAS and ANTHONY HOPKINS.



14 years ago . . . in 1999 - HELEN HUNT married HANK AZARIA.  They filed for divorce in December of 2000.



2 years ago . . . in 2011 - CASEY ANTHONY got away with murdering her daughter and was set to be released from jail.