I could tell you stories about Connie and I and the amazing moments we had that made us closer all night long!!!! One that sticks into my head is when we were driving to our first gig together and we bought walkie talkies to shoot the BLEEP with each other. It was so stupid and funny but we laughed about it for years. Today we asked for you to share yours.

What’s a “Bonding moment” you had with someone that you will never forget?

  • My aunt's back in Bosnia. I've only talked to them when I stayed with them in '08 and haven't spoken to them since. My brother is still sorta in touch. But I had something in common with all of them and they were the only ones in the family that spoke English so they were the only ones I talk to. I miss them everyday.
  • Holding someone’s hand as they were passing away. I’ll never forget each and every one of them; 37 in less than 2 years.
  • Driving from Michigan to San Antonio in an RV to see my son graduate from Air Force basic training. The trip was absolutely amazing and the experience at Lackland Air Force base was the greatest week of my life. I've never been prouder. My son is still in the Air Force, now a Chief and doing amazing!
  • I met a girl while working at Menards. One day she explained her definition of a "birthday zit". The next employee who came through my line had a huge zit on his nose and I asked him if it was his birthday. She and I have been the best of friends ever since. That was in 1996. Most of that time we have lived in different states. (Birthday zit = the huge zit you never fail to get on your birthday)
  • I have memories from my childhood of driving(3 hrs one way) to visit my grandparents in the summertime. My grandfather has been gone for the last 16 years, my grandmother who just recently passed had been doing visits still..but when life gets in the way and we started growing our family it started to get sparse seeing her! I was brought in to help her this last yr and a half and ended up getting much closer than I ever expected! just having someone to talk to made her day!RIP Grandma, I know Grandpa is taking good care of you now!
  • Taking care of my mom when we had Hospice come in. The best and worst days of my life and I am so thankful I was able to help my dad take care of her until the end!
  • I had dinner with a friend after eating alone for a long time and he became my best friend that night 3yrs ago
  • Me and my daughter have always had a special bond but after 9 weeks of her being in bootcamp and not being able to see her or hardly talk to her was a very emotional reunion. Her graduation was the bonding moment that will stay with me forever, in my heart
  • I will never forget years ago when I had a funeral to go to I was so upset after. My two best friends and I decided to have a sleepover and pig out on junk food and just really soak in the day with each other because we just lost a friend. It was tragic but it also brought us closer
  • This past year has been extremely HARD as we have high risk 21 year old triplets (born at 24 weeks gestation weighing 1 pound 7 ounces...our son spent 197 days in the NICU) with lung disease and asthma. Our family has basically been in lockdown besides appointments and work. We have not found support from most of our family, friends or community. However, someone I used to work with in my previous job lives near us and also has a high risk family. They, too, are home bound. I have survived a year because we are in the same boat and can understand each other. I’m thankful for the daily text messages I receive from her. She is my rock!!
  • I used to have a really good friend and I had never watched the Notebook before. We watched it together and I was so touched by that movie. I don’t know why I avoided watching it for so long. We grew apart the last few years, but when I think about our friendship I always remember that night. My heart just felt full and in the right place.
  • I have so many bonding moments with my 2 nephews. Every hug, every head bonk, every conversation we have about Pokémon, all our silly pictures, etc. I love those little buggers.
  • The last moment I had with my grandpa Bob 3 months before he passed away. He told me I was an amazing mom, and that I would do great things. Whether it took only a moment or a lifetime, amazing things were in store for me. I miss him something terrible
  • My grandpa taking me out for “beers” (root beers) after mowing the church lawn every week. He was the best
  • Someone I took care of years ago, she was 103 when she passed away. Still sound of mind and mostly took care of herself with some help. When I knew it was getting to the end I crawled in next to her and hugged her close. She knew I was there and said thank you for taking care of me like you have,I love you, then kissed my cheek. I cried like a baby. That was the last time I was with her. She was an amazing woman with such fun stories. Outlived 3 husbands, balloon animals until almost 80, ran a tavern but never drank, no kids, I think about her quite a bit.
  • My mom is a sweet selfless mom & planned a “father daughter dance” for my youngest sister (19) and I (25) and invited our immediate family to join and help with the surprise. She picked out our dresses, song to dance to and rented a place, hired a professional photographer to surprise us. We were able to have our daddy daughter dance now bc she said we will never get this time back and she wanted to make sure we would have this memory bc we more than likely won’t be able too for our weddings. My dad has been battling cancer for 4 years and recently signed on with Hospice. It was a memory that will never be replaced.
  • Minutes after my babies were born!
  • Breastfeeding my babies for the first time
  • I was with my friend, Kaghen, and he said, “ Do you know what the greatest song in the world is?” I immediately sang, “My shiny teeth and me!” Kaghen’s eyes got big and he turned to show me that was the song that he’d just searched for on YouTube. It was a magical moment.
  • Working with my dad on his vending machine business. It brought us closer and I learned a lot about myself and him. I'll never forget all that he's instilled in me and for that I am the woman I am today.
  • Praying with one of my mom's best friends on my wedding day just before I walked down the aisle
  • Holding my first born for the first time
  • My firstborn son and I got our ear pierced together.
  • My grandpa used to let me drive at like 13/14 years old between our houses. We lived about 5 country miles apart and it was all back roads. My Gram sat us down and told us “no more” one day. After that he would drive away from the house and get out of sight, stop, and we'd switch places. Repeat when we got to my house. Everyone knew but it felt like our secret and we always felt so sneaky.
  • Retrieving a drunk Christine from downtown at 10:30 PM when she thought it was 3am. She was wearing a onesie. I think it was a bar crawl.
  • My oldest is turning 13. And this past fall, he was in hybrid school format while his younger siblings were in person. So my oldest and I would eat lunch together and watch the show Sherlock. Just the 2 of us. He told me the other day, he missed those lunches the most now that he is back in person. I will treasure this
  • Moved into a new house and found a class ring after moving in. Researched the name and found the girl had passed in an accident. Was able to locate her Dad via Facebook and returned the ring. He said in tears that he had been praying for a sign that his daughter was ok and that I called him that same day with news of finding her ring.
  • it was the second grade... new school.. no friends. The girl at my table had the SAME winter boots AND.....LA Gears... instant BFF's..
  • My grandma "kidnapping" my friends and me and taking us out for margaritas when we went to visit her out of state a few years ago. She died last week, and that will always be one of my favorite memories.
  • My fondest bonding moment was during a spring break trip to the georgian Appalachian mountains. While camping one night, temperatures dropped into the low 20s, and we struggled to keep warm. My friend next to me in the tent managed to cope with the cold by forcing himself to burp continuously through the night, while apparently still asleep. He burped every few seconds in his sleep for over 5 hours.
  • Sticking my finger down Connie’s throat when she was drunk and wanted to throw up...she couldn’t do it Friends for life after that ❤️
  • the time has come where I make this story public— too applicable not to share for this text. Boyfriend at the time (now husband) bonded by witnessing me and helping me poop in public!!! We had gone to the sleeping bear dunes and we took the hike to the water. Once we made it to the beach we had a nice little picnic with sandwiches of Sriracha chicken. RED FLAG!! The whole hike back I had the gurgles in my stomach to where I had to poop right then in there in public with no other option. Aside from bursting into tears from embarrassment, my now husband was a saint. He found me a somewhat private spot, brought me leaves, and of course.... laughed at me the whole time

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