Christine is back again this week to talk all about your embarrassing kids.  LOL.  You all definitely had some fantastic stories, so thanks for sharing!

What’s the most embarrassing thing about your child, that you don’t talk about?

  • Charliane, 6 likes to lick stuff, I caught her licking the wall last week. She once licked the frickin "go" button on Penny the pony at Meijer. Her current status is home sick throwing up with the stomach flu.
  • His mother.
  • Secrets... what's Embarrassing about my child??? OH!!! IT's not a secret. I want everyone to look out for him.. He has gone total Mel Gibson on us. Ever see Conspiracy Theory!?!? He is Jerry Fletcher lol I'm afraid I will wake up one day and his 20 year old butt will be missing. HUGE conspiracy theorist. Happy Hump Day!!! ❤
  • #secrets...It's so awful, so embarrassing and so gross. And I hope no one knows!!She licks herself and chews on her legs when they itch!! What the??? Ugh! Weird! Damn dog!!
  • My oldest daughter has the worst breath.
  • My 5yr old son has no shame. If he has you use the bathroom his pants are down by his ankles before he gets to a bathroom door lol! It doesn't matter if we are at home or in public!
  • My son was born during my first marrage, but he's not my son. He knows this, and yet he's never told his daughters I'm his dad or that I'm their grampa.
  • My fur child is always licking his bunghole and weenie. He also gets random boners lol. WE GOT HIM FIXED 2 YEARS AGO!!
  • We have 2 Boston Terrier furbabies. The one has this horrible habit of randomly "playing with himself" just to embarrass us. He's almost 7 yrs old.
  • My daughter posing naked with a large bong.....
  • Embarrassing children. Any boy mom probably knows this one. Boys always play with "it" hands are always on "it" and they think it's fun to pee in weird places. My boys so far have peed in a litter box. A small wooden box. Off the front porch. Water bottles. Etc. My oldest also did tape his yes. Scotch tape all around it.
  • My son has an Outty bellybutton. The thing I love is that I had an Audi bellybutton. But his sticks out so far that my mother-in-law asked if it was going to explode one time. So when I was young I was called in alien because of my Audi bellybutton. But he has had kids poke at his belly button ask what's wrong with his belly button when he's swimming. So I tried to keep his bellybutton covered. I hope kids don't make fun of him when he is growing
  • Mine was when my kids was young we would take the kids out to a Chinese restaurant my son luv eating that meat on a stick he would run over to the buffet part then yell across to me hey dad they have rat on a stick lmao
  • I guess the most embarrassing thing about my kids is that they cuss which they learned from thier mother. But it is funny because they will use them correctly!!!
  • I'm going to take this differently because I AM the kid. What is most embarrassing but my parents never talk about is that as a toddler I used to FART!....All the time in my sleep and even occasionally wake myself up. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK??? HOW DOES A SMALL CHILD FART THAT LOUDLY???? Thank God I grew out of that or Lord help the man I wanna marry.
  • TQOTD: embarrassing fur-baby My cat once managed to eat a plastic streamer. I didn't know. When it got to the back end, it became the first and only time so far in my life....where I have seen a cat drag its butt on the carpet like a dog. Have a good day guys
  • The most embarrassing thing about my child is that his first words were you to go to the app store and The Connie and Fish show … it’s free in the app store
  • My kid would hate me if they knew I told anyone... since my kid was little has always slept with one hand down her pants.
  • The most embarrassing thing about my child? Secretly, he has a potty mouth... I caught him texting his father once and giggling... Needless to say... The text convo went... You're a frogging beach! Giggle, giggle. I laughed! He asked me once what came in the mail... "Dez nutz"... Mom, do you know what ligma means? Ligma balls... I am dying! By the way... He turns 7 today! I am sure that CPS might be called on me but I always tell him that he cannot talk like that outside of the van!
  • My wife's son constantly wipes his hands on his clothes or upholstery while eating. I've tried handing him napkins and other things, but nothing works.
  • #tqotd my daughter is 7 and obsessed with pregnant bellies. She thinks they are the cutest things and will point them out in the store. And pushes her stomach out to tell me she has a baby in there.
  • I debated on sending this in but my son confirmed it just moments ago. My little guy, who has the face of a cherub, swears like Samuel L. Jackson on a plane full of snakes. It is mortifying but his brothers and dad laugh hysterically
  • The most embarrassing thing that my child can do and I don't talk about it besides two family members and close friends is that my 9 year daughter can make girl body noises on demand
  • 2 things: 1. My daughter, age 7 likes the taste of her own blood. She has been known to get hurt and say " At least I can lick my blood". 2. Every night, in order to go to sleep, she humps her blankets. The doctor said this is a totally normal thing but it's horrifying.
  • #secrets. My 3 year old (adopted at 18 months, home to us at 3 days) is OBSESSED with my boo-boos (boobs). She tries to nuzzle them, always has a hand up my shirt, you name it.
  • So this happened when my youngest was about 5... he always wanted to be naked. (Shocking eh?) We'd get home and he would strip down. Undies of course. You gotta draw the line somewhere lol. Well we were at the movies (celebration north) and he went to the bathroom with my oldest (boy) and he came out of the restroom... yep, you guesses it... COMPLETELY NAKED!!! At that moment I knew I failed as a mother. Ps. Love you guys!
    I used to say "nailed it" when I did something well at home. I had to stop when I was in the grocery store and my then 4 year old kept pointing at women and saying "nailed her" ‍♂️
    I have 2 kids that clog the toilet every time. And...they are twins. Lol
    Most embarrassing thing my son did when he was little, he was sitting in the grocery cart at Meijer playing in my purse. I was putting groceries in the cart and heard some gentleman laughing. I turned around and. My son was pretending to put lipstick on with a tampon. I could have died
    My 13 year old son is the skid mark master
    My 4 yr old son likes to take pictures with the tablet of everything,including his butt after a poo. Found those gems when doing a check on the tablet.
    She would hate me if she knew I told anyone... since she was little she has always slept with one hand down her pants.