It's time to throw your co-workers under the bus or completely sell out that annoying customer for today's Text Question of the Day.

What’s the most ridiculous demand a co-worker or customer has made of you?

  • I had just moved to Michigan and a customer wanted directions to meijer gardens. Told him I’d never heard of, that I was new to the state. Demand I tell him, threw a real hissy fit. So I gave him directions to somewhere, I wonder if he ever made it back.
  • I worked as a supervisor for a cleaning company (2nd shift. ) We had three sick call ins one night and no one to help cover. I had 8 hours of my OWN cleaning to do. They wanted me to cover all three of the four hour shifts AND complete my work also in 6 1/2 hours. By time I left that night I was in tears. I no longer work for them.
  • I had given birth to my son prematurely by 5 weeks and the person I had lined up to be the substitute teacher had to back out for a medical reason. My principal asked wouldn’t I just come in and teach.
  • A customer called my place of work very unhappy. Wanted to speak to the owner of the company but refused to be put on hold....
  • Warehouse supervisor brought in an umpire home plate brush to sweep dust out of the warehouse stress cracks in the cement tile.
  • Bossman says he's keeping the heat turned down to 60° in the winter so I'd have to work faster to be warm.
  • Not a demand but today I blew off my keyboard after lunch and my coworker asked if I was giving her a blow job.
  • I work as a third shift cashier and it's against the law to sell liquor, beer or wine after 2am, and a guy offered me 20 dollars to just manually ring it up for him when it was way past 2am.
  • I clean houses and a guy gave me qtips to clean his baseboards.
  • I work at a Grocery Store. A customer once asked to borrow the mannequins from our clothing department for a party she was having.
  • My boss asked me to return ship his used underwear. I refused. No, I wasn't fired, No, there weren't any stains. No, I didn't have to touch them. And yes, he never asked me to do anything else like that ever again.
  • Once at Subway the customer in front of me wanted half of the entire bin of shredded cheddar cheese in scooped-out wheat. They also wanted half a cookie and got upset when they got a whole one at half off.
  • Worked in an Italian restaurant, got a guy a lasagna and he asked if we had any gravy to go with it. Got genuinely annoyed when I said 'I don't think so.'
  • Used to work at a Subway back in the day, and I had a guy who asked for extra salad oil on his sub. So I put some extra...and it wasn't enough. I went back over it maybe 10 times and he finally said "Just take the top off and dump the whole bottle out." So...I did. Dude took his oil-soaked sub and ate it. My stomach churned thinking about it.
  • An old boss of mine used to eat food out of the trash at a restaurant I worked at and I caught him. He demanded that I didn’t tell anyone or he’d fire me. He ended up getting fired for being unsanitary (I don’t want to say the gross thing he did)
  • My daughter worked in an old folks home, she said just before they die they would always see people had passed so maybe that's what he was seeing and he thought he was losing it
  • I work in healthcare, so you would think management would understand when you need to address medical concerns. I needed to have a hysterectomy 8 years ago and my boss told me that I would have to wait to schedule my surgery because we were short staffed.
  • I work for a pharmacy. one of the strangest requests that we have had, was for our delivery driver to go around to the side of the house and knock on the third window, the customers bedroom window. We deliver from 9am until we're done so like you're going to be in your bedroom all day? Of course I didn't say that but boy was I thinking it. Have a great day
  • So something a co worker asked me to do was to keep her relationship with the boss quiet. Done I can do that, an the boss knew that I knew so he let me get away with things at work!!!
  • I don’t know if I was being asked to do something, but when I was in college, I worked at a donut shop with a drive thru in Kalamazoo. When the customer drove up to the window (which was elevated) and handed the guy his coffee and donut, his junk was hanging out and on display for me. I handed him his stuff, said thank you and started laughing.
  • TQOTD-I worked the front desk of a small hotel. It was a Saturday night and it was the last day of the month. There was a wedding in town so we were completely booked. A lady came in about 12:30 in the morning and told me her last name. I said “I have you arriving on The 1st. She said “it is the 1st and I asked for an early check in…Wow.
  • When I was in the Air Force, I was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV. There was a VA hospital on the base that was opened to both active duty and veterans. I was a Security Forces Lieutenant, which means I was an Air Force cop. One night, we had a patient from the VA call the police desk and ask if we could come remove his mother from his room. We kindly told him that there were nurses that could take care of this for him, that he didn't need the cops. He told us that the nurses could not help him...that we needed to get his mother out of his room because she was talking all the time. She wouldn't leave him alone and let him sleep. When we asked him why this was a situation that the nurses could not help him with, he said, "Because my mom is dead." We told him that we unfortunately did not have jurisdiction in the afterlife, so he was going to have to work it out with his mom on his own. We got a lot of "interesting" people that came to that VA hospital.
  • Bartending - someone ordered a "Gin & Milk"..then liked it so much they ordered another one.
  • Strangest one I had (working in a bakery) was that someone called up and request, and I quote: "a female torso cake with boobies."
  • I worked at a bank in my younger days. I was a floater, going branch to branch helping out with vacation/sick days. Anyway, I ended up working at a branch downtown one day and this eccentricaly dressed (like Julia Roberts at the beginning of Pretty Woman ) lady comes in to cash a check. Whoever wrote the check had placed a stop payment on it, so I told her her I couldn't cash it. Let me tell you....she yelled at me and told me she worked hard for her money (did you just sing that in a Donna Summer kind of way? ) and was not leaving without it. Needless to say the manager came over and whisked her away, quietly. The manager called the gentleman, who was at home with his wife at the time and asked that he come down to the branch and get that all settled away. He came down, withdrew some money with me and handed the lady her cash. Oh. My. Lort. I begged to go back to that branch because it was entertaining at the least. So yea, I had to pay a hooker ‍♀️

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