Recently, Reddit users began posting about their unique quirks that they didn't really realize were quirky until someone told them.

We made this list of ones we thought were the best:


1.  Walking down stairs diagonally.


2.  Inadvertently mimicking the accent of the person you're talking to.


3.  Talking and singing to your food.


4.  Responding "What?" whenever someone says something, even though you DID hear them . . . and CAN answer their question.


5.  Opening and closing your mouth when you use scissors, timed along with the scissors opening and closing. 


6.  Making robot noises when you're walking or working.


7.  Eating hamburgers from top to bottom:  As in, you eat the top bun, then the condiments, then the burger, and then the bottom bun? 


Sometimes we wonder if Reddit users are just lying. However, how can people make this stuff up!?